Chronicles of the K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street

animal, rescue


"Hey! Shadow, Mandy, come here."

"What do you want, Snooper?"

"Huh? What's happenin'?"

"Shush, Sophitia!  Listen, the girls are talking about your story, Mandy!"


"Kylie, I know absolutely what you mean!  Some people need to go straight to jail, forget about the key 'cause they ain't never getting out!!  That was s-o-o-o-o bad on Animal Planet!  Ugh! How can someone torture animals like that?  We have to be the animal's voices 'cause they can't tell.  Most people don't understand them.  Not like us kids!"

"Sarah!  I can't believe you and me agree.  I didn't think you were old enough to understand like Kylie and me."

"That is so dumb, Sydney - you and Kylie are only a year older than me!  And, I'm not a baby! I'm 7 1/4.  Just 'cause you're my sister, doesn't give you the right to say I'm not old enough!"

"Girls, girls, we got more important stuff to do here.  Fightin's out!"  We need to get some markers and cardboard and make some signs.  Then go around to the houses and ask for money for animal rescue!'

"I'll get my copy of Mandy The Alpha Dog and show that to the people!"

"Sarah, that won't let you out of helping with the signs, you know."

"As Mandy would say - 'Humph'.  Listen!  How about..  I'll read you guys the story while you both are making the signs?  Whatcha say to that?"

"Double Humph!!"

"Aw, Sydney, cut the kid some slack.  Go ahead and start reading, Sarah.  Start with the fat jokes part ~ my 'show & tell' class really busted a gut when Shadow asked Mandy why she was shaped like a beach ball and a......"


"See Mandy, I told you they would like my jokes! Heheheh!"


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