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MANDY THE ALPHA DOG was written to address fears my grand daughter was experiencing right after the break up of her parent's marriage.  Mandy's story covers fears, mistreatment, overeating, obesity, biting, forgiveness, and becoming a winner.  

This story, while covering serious topics is done in a comedic fashion through gruffy Mandy relating her 'harrowing' story to her comic sidekick, Shadow the Dalmatian.  It is also supported by the cartoon illustrations.

I have been working all of my adult life for the betterment of animals and all the 'critters' that have graced our home have been and are of the 'rescue' category.  Some animals came from good homes who could not keep them while others were foundlings.  The characters in this fiction book <the animals talk to one another> are based on the four dogs who currently deign to live with us.

Mandy <the alpha dog>, a beagle, is the smallest but loudest female in the pack and takes her role seriously.  She came out of a puppy mill into a series of life mishaps before she found her true home.

Shadow was a show dog who was bought for a small amount of money with the assurance he was coming to a 'good and loving' home.  His master trained and showed animals but had to give up his beloved dogs because of serious illness.  Shadow has gone through disappointment and feelings of abandonment too but his sunny, funny, and friendly side wins every time.

Snooper <AKA Snoopy>, also a beagle, went into a humane society kennel because he was 'too much' for a new mom to handle.  Snooper was the vacuum cleaner behind twin boys until their younger brother was born when the twins were two.  Snooper came home to a quiet home with a disabled man and a woman who left each day.  Snooper's claim to fame is 'snatching' be it high or  low.  While mostly a follower, he does at times, spur his fellow brothers and sisters on to - well , that's another story.

Sophitia, also a bought animal at very reduced price, was born with her eye flaps grown together.  She was headed for 'disposal' if a home was not found.  Sophitia is the only mutt in the pack  - her background is German Shepard and Husky.  In looks she takes after her Husky mom but her loving and laid back disposition is hers alone.  She also was threatened with death because she growled at a two year old pulling on an infected ear.  She is often taken for an airhead when she really is only a pacifist.

10% of my and my son's <illustrator> proceeds will go to animal rescue.  The dogs have many more 'tails' to tell and the next one from The Chronicles of The K-9 Boys and Girls on Locus Street is entitled The Midnight Caper.  We hope to have that in print in 2010 but all depends on friends of Mandy willing to 'take her home'.

See the 'real' Mandy on her book trailer at MANDY THE ALPHA DOG  or at <tt>


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