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Three Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Chew for Your Dog!

Posted by paula shene on February 28, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Do you know what to consider when choosing the right chew for your dog? Let’s take a look at some simple things most people overlook.

Things to consider when choosing a chew.:)

Taste – selecting the right tasting chew for your dog can be tricky, you’re going to need to know which flavors your dog likes or dislikes. Try buying a few flavors, peanut butter, hickory-smoked, chicken…etc. and test them out on your dog. If he rejects one flavor, move on to the next.

Natural or Un-natural – research the benefits to using natural chews sourced from single ingredients vs using unnatural chews that are processed. Both promise to support the health of your dog’s mouth, but only you can determine which would be the healthier choice for your dog’s total well-being.

Nutritional Value – take the time to research the nutrient’s contained in a chew. It’s good to know if additives have been added or if it has any possible opportunist pathogens. Research how the chew was processed and the type of source that was used to make the chew.

What type of chewer is your dog?

Soft Chewers – are typically dogs that have a softer bite. Smaller softer bones would work better for these doggies and provide them a more enjoyable chewing experience.

Aggressive Chewers – may require harder bones that last longer. Stay mindful of the size of your dog’s mouth when selecting a chew for your mighty chewer.

Picky Chewers – may not prefer working at chewing. Try softening your dog’s chew by soaking it, if applicable, or scratch it to release some of the odors.

Safety Concerns of the Chew.

Choking – is one of the risk factors your dog can encounter when using a chew. However, if you supervise your dog’s chew time you can remove any smaller pieces that break off or splinter, thus preventing choking or intestinal blockage.

Allergies – talk to your dog’s veterinarian or wherever you purchase your dog’s supplies to find other alternative sources that provide chews specific for your pet’s sensitive needs.

Breaking a tooth – If your dog is able to get a chew to fit comfortably to the back of its mouth, there is a chance he’ll be able to bite down with greater force, thus breaking a tooth. Replace the chew with one that fits the size of your dog’s mouth while staying mindful that he needs to be able to enjoy the chew as well.



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