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August 2010

Volume 1, Issue 7 Published monthly on the fourth Tuesday





helping homeless pets by taking action



A New life for puppy mill victim




Kent Animal Shelter to receive and adopt puppies saved from a midwestern puppy mill


Kent Animal Shelter has partnered with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary to reach out

to provide life saving rescues to puppy mill castaways. Approximately 150 cast-off

puppy mill dogs from a number of Midwestern states will be transported after their

long journey from the mills to Manhattan. In conjunction with other rescue groups,

Kent will open their doors to not only help save lives but to bring attention to

the horrific puppy mill industry.


This transport on September 1st brought dogs unwanted by their commercial breeders

to safety in the NY area, where they can find their forever families.


Kent will provide, food, shelter and medical care until permanent homes can be found

for these rescues.


"We hope to raise enough money through donations to purchase a van that can be utilized

in the future for just this type of rescue", said Pam Green, Director of Kent Animal



Please donate today to provide a brighter future for these misfortunate animals

that are the victims of the purebred puppy industry.



Before you buy a purebred, take a moment to think about where they are coming from.

Visit your local shelter first, help stop the puppy mill industry.


A new day for puppy mill rescue





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YOU can find the link for Kent Animal Shelter at the top of this forum and in Snooper's Starting Place Blog entry...xo Mandy

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