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Cat Facts!

Posted by paula shene on March 6, 2015 at 10:40 AM

Bert's Fun Cat Facts of the Week!

How well do you know your cat? Here are some interesting facts about cats that might just surprise you.:):):)


Cats have fewer teeth in their mouths than dogs. A dog has 42 teeth in its mouth while the lovable feline has 30.


When kittens are born their eyes are a gorgeous shade of blue. However, after a few months the kitten’s eyes will change to the color they were meant to be.


Cats have over 100 different vocal sounds. They also step with both of their right legs and then their left legs as they run or walk.


If you give your cat tap water to drink, let the water sit for about 24-hours. This should help reduce any symptoms your cat maybe experiencing due to your cat's sensitivity to the chlorine located in tap water.

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